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Buy used shipping containers

Buy used shipping containers

Shipping containers can be used for storage, accommodation, turned into semi-portable workshops, offices. Whatever your reason is trying to buy a shipping container, it is important you get the best quality container at the best price without stress. 

Here at The Container Yard Generators, we provide affordable and reliable new and used shipping containers for sale. We understand the challenges that many of our customers previously had with shipping container prices, and we try to make it the best experience you can have.

What Size Shipping Containers Can You Buy?

Most of the common shipping containers on the market include 8 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft shipping containers. The most popular of all the shipping containers is a standard ISO container of 20 ft. In addition, 40 ft shipping containers have double the volume of a 20 ft container and cost just about 15-25 percent more. That makes the 40 ft shipping containers the most cost-efficient container. So how much does a 40 feet container cost? Check out our list of 40ft containers or contact us for more information.

At the end of the day, the size of the shipping container you choose depends on what you plan to do and put inside it. At Container Yard Generators, we offer different sizes of new and used shipping containers for sale. 

Shipping Container Pricing

The price of shipping containers varies and it depends on a couple of factors including the size, type, condition, location, and age of the shipping containers. If you are considering used containers and thinking, “What is the price of a used shipping container”? At Container Yard Generators, our used shipping containers vary and are in the range of €1000-€5000. New shipping containers, on the other hand, are usually more expensive. Overall, the cost of these shipping containers for your business or residential requirement is significantly lower than a finished construction. 

Buy Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers usually come in a variety of conditions. The term “used” could mean any shipping container that has gone more than one trip or been used as a storage unit. The important thing to note is that used shipping containers don’t mean these units are not in good condition.

Most times, used containers are assigned a mark and grade with specific labels to describe their conditions. Essentially, the quality of a used shipping container depends on how old it has been used, and under the condition, the unit has been exposed to.

Getting the Best Quality Shipping Container

At The Container Yard Generators, our customers trust us because we offer guarantee shipping containers in the best conditions. We offer transparent shipping container pricing and ordering through our site. You don’t need to talk to any high-pressure salesman; you can easily buy your shipping container through our website.

Our website is fast, easy, and you can get the best pricing purchasing directly from us. Not sure where to get started or looking to buy used shipping containers, contact us today.

Buy used shipping containers
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