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EPA Approved disinfection Dallas

EPA Approved disinfection Dallas

At GermWrap, we specialize in breaking the chain of pathology mobility with an advanced and EPA approved disinfection in Dallas. We use an electrostatic spraying system to disinfect and sanitize your home, commercial spaces, places of business, offices, and other community facilities.

Tips to keep your surroundings free from coronavirus

Make sure to clean all hard surfaces around you, and disinfect them on a daily basis, especially if you live in a neighborhood with several positive cases. Use a wipe with 70% alcohol content to clean the doorknobs, electrical appliances, mobile devices, laptops, and other high touch areas.

For cleaning surfaces, use a household bleach solution that contains at least 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite. After a thorough cleaning, use an EPA registered disinfectant on all hard surfaces to destroy any microorganisms in your surroundings.

Who should hire a disinfection service?

Besides following social distancing, wearing face masks, and constantly washing your hands, it is also critical to clean and disinfect your surroundings regularly to stay safe from the coronavirus. This virus can live on hard surfaces like steel, plastic, cardboard, iron, etc., for up to 72 hours, which makes it all the more important for business owners and individuals who own commercial spaces to take active measures to disinfect their establishments.

Owners, managers, and those in charge of restaurants, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, universities, offices, places of business, and other community facilities should call for disinfection service. Be sure to call for disinfection service at least once a week or as necessary to protect yourself, your staff, and patrons from contracting the disease.

How does an electrostatic disinfection work?

When the solution exits the application device’s nozzle, it reaches the positive charge of the surfaces and effectively atomizes cleaning solutions. This way, it uses electrostatics to attach and wrap on harmful microorganisms and destroys them from surfaces.

Our electrostatic disinfection cleaning technique works on all hard surfaces, floors, walls, etc. It is 100% safe to use in community spaces, homes, offices, schools, commercial kitchens, diners, medical facilities, and other areas with high foot traffic.

Top reasons to hire us for disinfection services

Hiring our EPA approved disinfection in Dallas for disinfecting your place of business or other high foot traffic areas can protect you, your employees, and your clients/customers from contracting the virus. Here are some excellent reasons to hire us:

  • With our advanced system, we can disinfect up to 54,000 sq. Ft. in 1 hour. We can disinfect a classroom in seconds and an entire university or school campus within a few hours.
  • With the help of our electrostatic disinfectant application, we provide 360 degrees of comprehensive coverage. 
  • Our technology and EPA approved disinfectant can eliminate 99.9999% of germs, viruses, and other microorganisms.
  • With our touchless application, we reduce the chances of cross-contamination and offer our services at the lowest price in the industry.

GermWrap is the #1 choice for EPA Approved disinfection in Dallas, and we offer our services at an affordable price. We serve Houston, Central Texas, and Dallas, and we protect your surrounding from the highly contagious coronavirus. Visit to get a free quote.

EPA Approved disinfection Dallas

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EPA Approved disinfection Dallas EPA Approved disinfection Dallas EPA Approved disinfection Dallas EPA Approved disinfection Dallas EPA Approved disinfection Dallas EPA Approved disinfection Dallas


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